2017 Giro di SF Cat 4/5 - Words by Cam Juarez

I got a start near the front of the pack but settled into a nice armchair ride midpack waiting for the dumb early moves to die down. Benoit and I managed to avoid the many crashes that dwindled down the number of remaining riders. With 6 or 7 laps to go (8min remaining) I attacked the field from the middle of the climb carrying more speed than others though an outside line in the corners. With the field stuck in the traffic jam after the hill, I pushed hard off the front and opened a decent gap before the next corner. By the next lap or so an official told me the gap was  17 seconds. I started settling into a nice tempo ride losing a bit of ground on the straightaway by the start finish ready to make some up through the corners and hill when a fire truck pulled in front of me and an official started blowing their whistle with both hands in the air. Figuring this meant slow down, I did exactly that and the race was nuetralized. After another bad crash, the race was nuetralized again. On to the 3rd start of the day after watching a rider from our field get carried out on a stretcher, you could feel the nerves in the bunch and my main goal was to remain upright. I finished midpack in a field sprint after getting cut off twice in the corners with 2 laps to go when I was trying to move up. Pleased to not start the off-season with injury but bummed that I didn't get a result with good legs.